Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ERC FattyStix

This new accessory improves the ergonomics of your transmitter sticks for "pinch flyers" and "thumb flyers" alike. "Pinch Flyers" are pilots that grasp the sticks between the thumb and forefinger, while "Thumb Flyers" are pilots who use their thumbs on the ends of the sticks.

The East RC FattyStix are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available for most modern RC transmitters. These are designed with friction zones in the most important areas for both types of pilots. FattyStix improve comfort by providing a much larger non-slip contact surface for your thumbs, and a larger body for easy grasp.

Additionally, a new method of control emerged in the ergonomic study of this design that allows for a hybrid grasp technique with minimal exerted force. Pinch flyers typically grasp the skinny OEM sticks by pinching the stick between the forefinger and thumb, an unnatural and tiring position for the human hand. FattyStix allow the pilot to place the forefinger in front of the stick, and the thumb on top, a natural position that conforms to the mechanics of the human hand. The special friction zones on the sides and top allow for solid control and non-slip grasp of the stick with minimal force, resulting in improved accuracy of control and comfort.  Notice the technique in this photo...

Hot off the machines at East RC, our new Fatty Stix Gimbal Stick Ends are available for DX6i, the new DX6, DX7, DX7s, DX8, and DX9, JR, Futaba, and Hitec.

The dimensions of our 'FattyStix' are 1-1/4" tall, and 5/8" in diameter at the widest point. 

You can find these on the internet at or call (919)269-0803.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Aluminum Trim Tabs, JR11X

East RC has completed the prototyping and 1st production run of the new Aluminum Trim Tabs/Switches for the JR 11X transmitters. Easy to install, these eliminate the thin plastic trim triggers that fail in the field, while adding some "bling" to your radio! You'll find these on our website at .

We now produce trim levers for the following radios:

Spektrum DX6i
JR Z-1
JR x9303
JR xp9303
JR x9503
JR/Graupner MX-22
JR 10x

Graupner MC-19 & "S"
Graupner MC-22 & "S"
Graupner MC-24 & "S"