Saturday, September 15, 2012

New DX-8 Radio Parts in Production!

East RC manufactures many components for the RC industry. The latest items to come out of our development and manufacturing operations is the new metal trim tabs and program rollers for the Spektrum DX-8 series of radios. These are great radios, and have become very popular. One of the only short comings of these radios is the plastic trim tabs and program rollers used for operator input. The are made of molded plastic and will break on occasion, from the repeated forces applied while making trim adjustments or program changes. East RC now produces a set of trim tabs and a cool knurled program roller for this radio, all CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum.

These are very easy to install, CAD designed for improved feel and performance, are CNC manufactured to exacting tolerances for a perfect fit, and add a bit of "snap" to the look of your radio to boot! East RC has much experience in this area and has been manufacturing radio components since 2008. You can find these new parts, and many more cool East RC exclusive items, on our website at . Let us know if there's a new part you're looking for that no one seems to make (yet!).