Wednesday, February 16, 2011

East R/C on Facebook

East R/C now has a new page on Facebook. Those of you who are on Facebook, visit us at: and become a friend. We'll post info from time to time about new products that are developed, links to pics, and various event info. See you on FB!

East R/C

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loads of East R/C Website Updates!

East R/C has made many changes over the last few months, completely shifting our R/C Hobby supply business away from the walk-in retail sales typical of a conventional hobby shop, and focused our efforts on our manufacturing operations that have always been more of our 'bread-and-butter'.

Since late 2006, we have tried many things in this industry. We've imported unique unbranded products, sold conventional supplies from the stateside distributors like Horizon etc, working with mfgs to build ARF's, building foamie kits locally, and designing and manufacturing our own products here in our CNC machine shop. By far, our own products outperformed all other sales, far and beyond.

As such, we have rebuilt our website to reflect this and showcase our East R/C Exclusive products. We carry thousands of pieces of hardware in house, ready for shipment. Additionally, we are currently working with a company to offer our aircraft in kit form, for those of you who like to build wood kits!

Visit our site and have a look around. If you're a R/C manufacturer and are interested in having some contract work done, don't hesitate to contact us, as we build several products for other companies in the R/C industry and would love to have your work. If you're a dealer, please contact us about our dealer program.

Visit for mo info and to see our Exclusive Products for the R/C industry.