Sunday, November 14, 2010

UAC - Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner

UAC - Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner - East R/C partnered with AmTex, makers of many cleaning products for Scootworks (our parent company), to develop the Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner. We wanted something that would be gentle on painted and fabric surfaces, yet strong enough to cut the goo left from glow fuels and soot / exhaust residue from gas engines. We also needed something that wouldn't attack plastics and film coverings, and would be perfect for the finishes used on many wooden props and other parts. UAC is the final result of the AmTex chemists design, and our field testing with the local pilots. Give this a try, we think you'll agree that it _IS_ the Ulimate Aircraft Cleaner!

# Biodegradable!
# Safe for Plastics, Fiberglass, shrink films.
# Safe on painted and fabric surfaces.
# Safe on natural wood finishes.
# Cuts Glow Fuel Lubricants & Gass Engine Fuel Residue
# Economical!

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