Sunday, November 14, 2010

ERC's Radial Mount for Large Outrunners

ERC LARGE Aluminum Motor Mount -

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, this new mount is specifically designed for high power/high torque applications. Based solely for mounting up AXi 53xx series and Eflite Power 110 and Power 160 series outrunners. Cooling outlets custom engineered to accomodate maximum airflow through the windings in both brands of motors in either mounting configuration.

Includes 4mm bolts for mounting the motor to the mount.


Firewall Mounting Bolt Holes: Clearanced for 8-32 bolts
Motor Mounting Bolt Holes: Clearanced for 4mm bolts
Mount Diameter: 4-1/2"
Mount Thickness: 1/4"
Mount Weight: 2.5oz

Motor Compatibility:
AXi 5320/18
AXi 5320/28
AXi 5320/34
AXi 5330/18
AXi 5330/f3a
AXi 5330/24
AXi 5345/14
AXi 5345/16
AXi 5345/18
EFlite Power 110
EFlite Power 160

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