Saturday, November 13, 2010

ERC CNC Aluminum and PolyCarbonate Carburetor Spacers

ERC CNC Aluminum and PolyCarbonate Carburetor Spacers -

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, these new carb spacers are currently available as replacements to the stock plastic carb insulator for both the Zenoah G-20ei and the Zenoah G-26 (unique part for each), as well as some other cross compatible applications.

When using our CNC Aluminum replacements we recommend the use of cork style gaskets and not the stock aluminum gasket.

Our PolyCarbonate replacements are CNC Machined the same way we machine the aluminum spacers. The stock aluminum gasket is compatible with this version of the Zenoah spacer. Being CNC Machined PolyCarbonate, they are incredibly stronger than the stock spacer.

Our carb spacers are a direct, bolt on replacement and require no modifications to your engine. These are compatible with the Zenoah Velocity Stack. Unlike the stock spacer, these will not break. Never buy another spacer again!

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