Sunday, November 14, 2010

ERC 84" Gee Bee Struts

ERC 84" Gee Bee Senior Sportster Replacement Struts - The stock struts were made from lightweight Extruded Aluminum and break under the stresses of normal use. This is the only significant flaw in this otherwise beautiful and dependable airplane. Our heavy duty, yet relatively light weight struts, offer an upgrade in strength for your 84" Green Model Gee Bee Senior Sportster's under carriage. These Struts WILL NOT BREAK! Our strut system also replaces the stock guide screw with a roll pin, greatly reducing the shock friction. This is a drop in replacement. No modifications are required. See the Green Model Gee Bee Senior Sportster by clicking HERE!

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, these new lower struts are machined from the finest 1018 steel stock for years of lasting service and reliability. This is just one of the many metal products designed and manufactured by East R/C in our own shop.

*NOTE* - These were designed as an upgrade/replacent for the original struts on the Version 1 84" Gee Bee. The newer version has different struts that these will not work with.

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