Sunday, November 14, 2010

BSR - Black Streak Remover

BSR - Black Streak Remover - Once again, East R/C partnered with AmTex, makers of many cleaning products for Scootworks (our parent company), to market their new Black Streak Remover recently designed and patented for the RV industry. Many of us have trailers for our airplanes, and constantly battle with those darned black streaks that appear after every rainfall or heavy dew. We've tried every cleaner in the book, some being very harsh and requiring heavy gloves and lots of water, others requiring loads of physical effort to only yield average results. This cleaner is the answer to all of our dreams... ERC's BSR requires little effort, is safe and easy to use, and reveals the beautiful trailer you have hidden beneath all of those stains! The 1qt. bottle cleaned the 6 year old 6'x10' trailer in photo #4 below, and had about 1/2 bottle left. Checkout a test trailer in picture #3, the front corner was simply wiped over with ERC's BSR!

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