Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sales and New Stuff @ East RC!

FIRST - East RC is holding our [DAY AFTER LABOR DAY SALE] at on Tuesday, September the 2nd. We will post a link in our RCGroups forum thread at on Monday evening to the special page where the sales will be held. A total of 24 items will be on sale, 3 different items each hour with a few surprises in between. You will have to refresh your page once we switch each new batch of sale items out. We will also have select items on sale all day during the event. We will be adding lots of new parts to the site over the weekend, so keep an eye out. We have not decided on what items will be on sale, SO TELL US WHAT YOU WANT on the RCGroups thead or to!

We will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, and run until 5 p.m. Eastern Time Tuesday.
We will hold all online orders until the end of the day, so if you submit multiple orders, they will be combined.

For our local customers: We will have a list of all sale items printed up, so that you can also take advantage of the sale!

NEXT - Two HOT New East RC Exclusives are now in stock and ready to ship!!! They are:

- SLEDG: ERC's SLEDG is one of the best flying foamys you can get your hands on! It's 48" wingspan and light weight construction give it an astronomically low wing loading. IT FLOATS. Super slow-Mo 3D, or can handle both ends of the spectrum with ease. Lots of carbon fiber throughout and loaded with the best brand-name hardware.

- Lucky 13: ERC's Lucky 13 was designed and tested over a 5 year span to be one of the best flying sport models available today! It keeps going where other sport models drop off. Not only does it handle like a trainer, but it can really perform. Knife edge, spins, hammerheads, stall turns, loops, flat turns, flat spins, wild knife edge spins, inverted flight, snaps, lomcevaks and more are all part of the Lucky 13's vocabulary. A .61 is perfect for unlimited vertical on this very capable model. The large wing area and light wing loading make this airplane a breeze to land.

You can check these two new Exclusive items out, along with thousands of other items at our website at Don't forget, DO NOT MISS the awesome deals that will be going on during our [DAY AFTER LABOR DAY SALE]!