Friday, April 18, 2008

East R/C Street Party & Open House, July 26th!

East R/C & Scootworks is planning an Open House, Street Party, and Ribbon Cutting for Saturday July 26th (rain date the following Saturday, August 2nd). This is to celebrate many things...

1- The New 3000 ft East R/C Showroom is finally under renovation, and we'll be in it by that time. It's a great opportunity for us to show off the new facility, and have a grand opening for the business. It has been operating in cramped quarters within Scootworks, and will finally be able to spread it's wings.

2- It has now been 10 years since the first Scootworks part was designed, manufactured, and marketed by us. We're now up to over 680 Scootworks components manufactured by's been a long trip, and it's time to have a 10th Anniversary Party.

3- We're celebrating our newest acquisition and expansion of our CNC Machine Shop Operations. It may not sound like much, but our recent facility and equipment procurement now makes us the largest Independent Metric Motorcycle Company in the US. It obviously doesn't take much to earn that crown, but it's ours :-) . Like I said, it's been a long hard road, and we're ready to party!

Like before, we're going to close the street and bring in vendors from around the state, food (lots more of this!), music, a bike show, Tattoo Shop, Airbrush artists, photography studio, bike wash, burnout pit, and more. There will be demos of R/C Airplanes and Helicopters. Everything in the house will be marked down more than ever, and there will be tours of East R/C, our new paint shop, metal fabrications, service, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, and other facets of the company. There is also going to be a ribbon cutting for East R/C.

Help us spread the word... July 26th is the day, from 9am-4pm, the place for fun is East R/C & Scootworks in Zebulon. You can find directions to us from the LH menu item labeled [Retail Store & Events] at
Hope to see y'all there!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ERC Jerry Smith Spoiler

East R/C has prototypes of the 'Jerry's Spoiler' under construction at the factory, and on the way to us for further testing. We're hoping to have it in production sometime in May of '08, if all goes well. You can see more about this cool East R/C Exclusive online on our site at and on the following Spoiler Webspage at:


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

East R/C Lucky 13

East R/C Lucky 13 - The new Lucky 13 pre-production prototypes are in, and we're buildingthose to fly/show. The first gen, though it was close to what we wanted, was not the final version. Some of you may have seen it taking a beating out at the RDRC field recently. The final pre-production version has most of the changes we wanted implemented, so it won't be long before the production version of this sport airplane is available. We're expecting to have them ready for sale by Early march, and will be unveiling one at the SEFF show May 1-4 in Georgia. You can check out the ERC Lucky-13 online at: