Wednesday, March 26, 2008

East R/C Aircraft in stock...

We currently have 110 different aircraft models/styles in stock (including several pieces of each). We have everything from trainers to 100cc aerobatic birds, Warbirds to models of EAA aircraft, sport, pattern, 3D, etc. We also carry several different helicopters and all the parts to completely rebuild them. Check out our aircraft inventory online at:


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

East R/C Spring Specials

East R/C has a load of SPRING SPECIALS to get you in the air fast. Check out our "Specials Page" on the front door of our website at for huge savings on select Radio Controlled Airplanes and Helicopters.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

March '08 ERC Newsletter

Hello to all on the list! It's getting warmer here in NC, days are gettinglonger, and flying season is upon us. We have a lot of new goodies to tellyou about on the site, events, let's get started!

East R/C was a sponsor for the 1st Southeast IMAC Event of the year...theTarheel Challenge in Rocky Mount, NC. You can follow this thread and info onFlying Giants at:

Speaking of flying, we have a new page started on our site for Team East R/CPilots. Pop over to: and have a readabout our sponsored pilots.

The new building for our company expansion is now empty, and rennovationsare about to begin. We're excited about this move, as it will give us over3000 sq. ft. of showroom space for East R/C! We hope to be making the movesometime in the next 2 months. We'll be located next door to the buildingwe're in on Vance Street at this moment.

We've been rolling in loads of new goodies at East R/C. Below is a list of the highlights of the newest items at our shop:

- 12" SAE Brass Tubing 1/16"-3/8"
- 9.5" Metric Brass Tubing 2mm- 6mm x 36"
- SAE Music Wire 1/32"-1/4"
- 9.5" Metric Music Wire 1mm-5mm
- 12" SAE Threaded Rod 2/56-8/32
- 9.5" Metric Threaded Rod 2mm-4mm
- 1000mm Carbon Fiber Tube 3mmOD
-6mmOD (20 Sizes)
- 1000mm Carbon Fiber Tube 4mmODx3mmID & 8mmODx7mmID
- 1000mm Carbon Fiber Rod 1mm-5mm (13sizes)
- 1000mm Carbon Fiber Strips 3mm-25.4mm widths (4 sizes)
- Zinger 20" Props- Evolution 19" Props
- Select FlightPower "Pro Lite" Series LiPos
- Micro Citabria RTF 2.4ghz
- Macs Headers for .40-.55 and .26-.36 engines
- Dave Brown Tuned Pipe Mounts
- Spektrum AR9100 Receivers
- Spektrum AR9000
- AR6100E End Pin Receivers
- DX6i Radios... IN STOCK!
- DuBro Spinners
- Outlaw ARFS... Newest, Hottest item in the ARF sport/speed market!
- Chinn YAK Arfs
- Red and White Senior Telemasters
- Mini Telemaster ARF Aileron Wing Kits
- Magnum 4 stroke engines
- Mercury Adhesives
- 30% Edge 540T 88"
- 25% Yaks "Russian Thunder" color scheme
- Aerofly Pro Deluxe Add-Ons
- Sullivan Hi Torque and Dynatron Starters
- Phase3 F-16 EDF Jets
- DuBro 4-40 Pull Pull Systems
- Sullivan Flying Wire/Tail Brace system
- DuBro 6-32,2-56 & 4-40 Monster Duty Ball Links
- DuBro Button Head Hex Drive Wood Screws
- JR DS821 72/88 oz./in. Digital Sport Servos
- Spektrum DSP60J Digital Sub-Micro Servo for AR6300
- HS-225BB Mini High Torque Servos
- Futaba 3101 Gear Sets
- KMP 1/6th Scale Pilots
- 4.8-6v Hobbico Volt Watch
- 2.4ghz Blade CX2 Contra-Rotating Heli
- Cobweb indoor/outdoor Slow Flyer (Limited Supply and will no longer beavailable once these are gone!)
- Pinion Puller
- Balsa Planer
- Fling Discus Launch Glider
- Hayes 6oz Fuel Tanks
- Pre-Wired Parallel and Series Dean Ultra Modules

Wow....the guys have been up to their ears in work getting these newproducts in, into the system, and on the website (while "keeping the trainon the tracks" with the rest of the business). Pop on over to www.EastRC.organd have a look!

Thanks for your time!
The East R/C Team

Info on East R/C

East R/C is a small company, comprised of a family of R/C Enthusiasts. Some of us have been flying and building and flying model aircraft since the late 60's. We have designed and flown many R/C models over the years. We owned Hobby Radio, a R/C Electronics Service Center in Wilson NC, until it's sale in 1988. We are closely coupled with our parent company, Scootworks Inc., and our close physical relationship allows us to utilize the best internet shipping, receiving, purchasing, and warehousing operations in the business.

We are constantly adding new products to our inventory, while developing new and unique parts & kits. We plan to use our access to Scootworks' machine shop to develop and improve the availability of unique accessories for the R/C Industry.

We are a full-time business with personnel for sales/shipping, business development, catalog/website maintenance, product R&D, and support. We're growing, steadily and surely!
We provide all of the tech support for our products at East R/C. We have voice mail support for our business at (919) 404-1522 that is checked regularly (for "after hours" calls or during time when all incoming lines are busy). What we're trying to say is, customers who buy products get 1st priority. We give them our all, and help them work through any and every question until they're satisfied.

From those of us at East R/C, we thank you for your interest in us and our products, as we continue to build a long-term relationship with the R/C community from this site, as well as from our Retail Showroom and service center in Zebulon NC !
The East R/C Team