Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ERC FattyStix

This new accessory improves the ergonomics of your transmitter sticks for "pinch flyers" and "thumb flyers" alike. "Pinch Flyers" are pilots that grasp the sticks between the thumb and forefinger, while "Thumb Flyers" are pilots who use their thumbs on the ends of the sticks.

The East RC FattyStix are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available for most modern RC transmitters. These are designed with friction zones in the most important areas for both types of pilots. FattyStix improve comfort by providing a much larger non-slip contact surface for your thumbs, and a larger body for easy grasp.

Additionally, a new method of control emerged in the ergonomic study of this design that allows for a hybrid grasp technique with minimal exerted force. Pinch flyers typically grasp the skinny OEM sticks by pinching the stick between the forefinger and thumb, an unnatural and tiring position for the human hand. FattyStix allow the pilot to place the forefinger in front of the stick, and the thumb on top, a natural position that conforms to the mechanics of the human hand. The special friction zones on the sides and top allow for solid control and non-slip grasp of the stick with minimal force, resulting in improved accuracy of control and comfort.  Notice the technique in this photo...

Hot off the machines at East RC, our new Fatty Stix Gimbal Stick Ends are available for DX6i, the new DX6, DX7, DX7s, DX8, and DX9, JR, Futaba, and Hitec.

The dimensions of our 'FattyStix' are 1-1/4" tall, and 5/8" in diameter at the widest point. 

You can find these on the internet at or call (919)269-0803.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Aluminum Trim Tabs, JR11X

East RC has completed the prototyping and 1st production run of the new Aluminum Trim Tabs/Switches for the JR 11X transmitters. Easy to install, these eliminate the thin plastic trim triggers that fail in the field, while adding some "bling" to your radio! You'll find these on our website at .

We now produce trim levers for the following radios:

Spektrum DX6i
JR Z-1
JR x9303
JR xp9303
JR x9503
JR/Graupner MX-22
JR 10x

Graupner MC-19 & "S"
Graupner MC-22 & "S"
Graupner MC-24 & "S"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loads of canopies on clearance!

We still have loads of these universal canopies. Fits fuselage widths of 3" to 4-1/2". Canopy length 18". 4-1/2" high at the top of the curve. THese cut easily and can be colored with RIT dye, or spray painted on the inside with candy paints for a cool tint to match your airplane. These were $15, the reduced to $9.79, now $7.50. A nice, inexpensive canopy! Help us get them off the shelf and out the door. Find them at:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Program Roller for DX7s !

The long awaited program roller for the Spektrum DX7s transmitters are now available! Like all other East RC transmitter parts, these are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 for a perfect fit in your radio. Check them out at !

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New DX-8 Radio Parts in Production!

East RC manufactures many components for the RC industry. The latest items to come out of our development and manufacturing operations is the new metal trim tabs and program rollers for the Spektrum DX-8 series of radios. These are great radios, and have become very popular. One of the only short comings of these radios is the plastic trim tabs and program rollers used for operator input. The are made of molded plastic and will break on occasion, from the repeated forces applied while making trim adjustments or program changes. East RC now produces a set of trim tabs and a cool knurled program roller for this radio, all CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum.

These are very easy to install, CAD designed for improved feel and performance, are CNC manufactured to exacting tolerances for a perfect fit, and add a bit of "snap" to the look of your radio to boot! East RC has much experience in this area and has been manufacturing radio components since 2008. You can find these new parts, and many more cool East RC exclusive items, on our website at . Let us know if there's a new part you're looking for that no one seems to make (yet!).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

East R/C Hardware

East R/C has LOADS of hardware. Literally, thousands of pieces, in stock and ready to ship. Pan head, hex head, socket head, washers of all types, piles of nylon hardware in most every size, hardware in metric or SAE, nuts for locking or name it! Linkages, heat shrink, landing gear, prop savers, drill jigs, and more. Check it out at: or enter the main site HERE!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

East R/C New Carb Adapter for G-26PUH Heli Engine

ERC CNC Aluminum Upgrade Carb Adapter for G-26PUH Heli Engine -

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, this new carb spacer is currently available as a replacement to the stock plastic carb insulator for the Zenoah G-26PUH Heli Engine, also known as the G260PUH. It also fits the G260PUM, and G260RC, RC-Aftermarket's 27cc and 30cc, as well as some other cross compatible applications.

When using our CNC Aluminum replacements we recommend the use of cork or neoprene style gaskets and not aluminum gaskets. You can find this material at any auto parts store and simply trace around the part with a hobby knife.

Our carb adapter is a direct, bolt on replacement and requires no modifications to your engine. Unlike the stock adapter, these will not break or warp. Never buy another adapter again!

Go directly to to see this part, or visit to see our complete line of products!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris reporting from the IMAC Nats 2011 in Muncie

Chris posted a new update and pics from the IMAC NATS in Muncie IN last night. You can see his daily updates by going to and clicking on the "Nats 2011 News" tab.

His direct updates so far are...

Your 2011 Scale Aerobatics National Championships/Nats News Reporter

Welcome to Indiana!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Monday Multiple Updates:
Hydroplane Racing vs. IMAC??

And the scores are in…

Photos, photos & photos…

Unknown Scores are in…

Final Score Sheets in from Day 1!

Photos from the first day of competition...

Tuesday Multiple Updates:
Day 1 is on the books, Day 2 is in the works…

Day 2 has come and gone…

Day 2 Final Scores!!!!

More Photos from Tuesday

Wednesday Multiple Updates:
Not a cloud in the sky…

Wednesday Morning Pics…

The National Model Aviation Museum

A story of two airplanes…

Wednesday Afternoon Pics…

Wednesday evening points standings...

Wednesday night Banquet

Thursday Multiple Updates:
Thursday Morning Photos…

Freestyle is right around the corner…


And here are our winners!


Next, a piece Chris wrote made it into the AMA Nats News on Monday, June 27th. Check out the Monday Edition of the AMA Nats News.

The article written by Chris on Monday made it into the AMA Nats News on Tuesday! Check out the Tuesday Edition of the AMA Nats News .

Wow... An article written by Chris on Tuesday made it into the AMA Nats News on Wednesday! Check out the Wednesday Edition of the AMA Nats News . Go Chris!

Lastly, an article written by Chris on Wednesday made it into the AMA Nats News on Thursday! Chris has been on a roll this week! Check out the Wednesday Edition of the AMA Nats News . Go Chris!


East R/C

Monday, May 30, 2011

ERC Radio parts for the DX8!

East R/C is developing a program scroll knob for the Spektrum DX8 series of radios, and already has CNC machined trim tabs in stock for the DX8. You asked for help, and we're providing the parts you want! Check us our at !

ERC's New Prop Safety Nuts!

East R/C now has a complete line of CAD designed & CNC manufactured Engine Prop Safety nuts in a wide range of sizes. You can see these on our PROP SPINNER page HERE . Check our prop shaft data page HERE to determine the correct spinner safety nut for your engine. Heavy BRASS safety spinners are in the works for those who need a little extra nose weight!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

East R/C on Facebook

East R/C now has a new page on Facebook. Those of you who are on Facebook, visit us at: and become a friend. We'll post info from time to time about new products that are developed, links to pics, and various event info. See you on FB!

East R/C

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loads of East R/C Website Updates!

East R/C has made many changes over the last few months, completely shifting our R/C Hobby supply business away from the walk-in retail sales typical of a conventional hobby shop, and focused our efforts on our manufacturing operations that have always been more of our 'bread-and-butter'.

Since late 2006, we have tried many things in this industry. We've imported unique unbranded products, sold conventional supplies from the stateside distributors like Horizon etc, working with mfgs to build ARF's, building foamie kits locally, and designing and manufacturing our own products here in our CNC machine shop. By far, our own products outperformed all other sales, far and beyond.

As such, we have rebuilt our website to reflect this and showcase our East R/C Exclusive products. We carry thousands of pieces of hardware in house, ready for shipment. Additionally, we are currently working with a company to offer our aircraft in kit form, for those of you who like to build wood kits!

Visit our site and have a look around. If you're a R/C manufacturer and are interested in having some contract work done, don't hesitate to contact us, as we build several products for other companies in the R/C industry and would love to have your work. If you're a dealer, please contact us about our dealer program.

Visit for mo info and to see our Exclusive Products for the R/C industry.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ERC 84" Gee Bee Struts

ERC 84" Gee Bee Senior Sportster Replacement Struts - The stock struts were made from lightweight Extruded Aluminum and break under the stresses of normal use. This is the only significant flaw in this otherwise beautiful and dependable airplane. Our heavy duty, yet relatively light weight struts, offer an upgrade in strength for your 84" Green Model Gee Bee Senior Sportster's under carriage. These Struts WILL NOT BREAK! Our strut system also replaces the stock guide screw with a roll pin, greatly reducing the shock friction. This is a drop in replacement. No modifications are required. See the Green Model Gee Bee Senior Sportster by clicking HERE!

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, these new lower struts are machined from the finest 1018 steel stock for years of lasting service and reliability. This is just one of the many metal products designed and manufactured by East R/C in our own shop.

*NOTE* - These were designed as an upgrade/replacent for the original struts on the Version 1 84" Gee Bee. The newer version has different struts that these will not work with.

Learn more about this at:

ERC's Radial Mount for Large Outrunners

ERC LARGE Aluminum Motor Mount -

Manufactured in our own CNC manufacturing facility in Zebulon NC, this new mount is specifically designed for high power/high torque applications. Based solely for mounting up AXi 53xx series and Eflite Power 110 and Power 160 series outrunners. Cooling outlets custom engineered to accomodate maximum airflow through the windings in both brands of motors in either mounting configuration.

Includes 4mm bolts for mounting the motor to the mount.


Firewall Mounting Bolt Holes: Clearanced for 8-32 bolts
Motor Mounting Bolt Holes: Clearanced for 4mm bolts
Mount Diameter: 4-1/2"
Mount Thickness: 1/4"
Mount Weight: 2.5oz

Motor Compatibility:
AXi 5320/18
AXi 5320/28
AXi 5320/34
AXi 5330/18
AXi 5330/f3a
AXi 5330/24
AXi 5345/14
AXi 5345/16
AXi 5345/18
EFlite Power 110
EFlite Power 160

Learn more about it here:

ERC Drill Jig for DA & 3W

ERC Drill Jig for DA & 3W Engines - New from EAST R/C! This Drill Jig is purpose built for all DA & DL prop bolt patterns (except for the 50cc) and all 3W prop bolt patterns (except for the 24cc and 240cc). The center plug is through tapped for 1/4-20 and features 2 6-bolt patterns. The bolt holes are 5mm. For the DA-170 you have to drill with the jig, then re-drill to 6mm. All other intended engines use 5mm bolts.

This Drill Jig is CNC machined for accuracy from the best 1018 steel available and will withstand years of abuse. Can be used with a hand drill or drill press.

Learn more about it here:

ERC Drill Jig for DA & DL 50

ERC Drill Jig for DA & DL 50 CC Engines - New from East R/C! This premium quality propeller Drill Jig is CNC machined for accuracy from heavy duty 1018 Steel and will withstand years of punishment. Specifically used for drilling propellers for DA-50 and DL-50 prop bolt patterns. The center peg is 10mm for snug fitment while drilling and features a center hole that is tapped at 1/4-20 for added convenience. Can be used with a hand drill or drill press.

Learn more about it here:

ERC's Kwik-Kat v2!

ERC's Kwik-Kat v2! - Available exclusively from East R/C! A modified favorite, from ERC's Chris Hockaday. This hot little ark jet is capable of speeds in excess of 75mph and includes quality hardware right from the start. Dubro micro control horns, carbon fiber spar, MP Jet quick connectors, K&S Linkage Wire, 3M Blenderm Hinge Tape, ERC Motor Mount Screws and a plywood firewall specifically designed for MP Jet/Little Screamers Style motor mounts. The Kwik-Kat v2 goes together in about 2 hours and requires 3 micro servos, motor, esc, battery, radio system & one 6" extension. We suggest using Mercury foam safe CA for construction. Precision CNC cut out of 6mm depron.

The Kwik-Kat is a BLAST to fly! Super fast park jet, easy to launch, turns on a dime, rolls blinding fast, lands at a crawl and has ballistic vertical!

- Wingspan: 22 in (559 mm)
- Length: 26 in (660 mm)
- Wing Area: 132 sq. in
- Flying weight: 10 oz.
- Recommended Power System: Little Screamers 2800kv "Park Jet", 6x4 APCe, 800mah Enerland 3s 20c, 18-20 Amp Hang-It R/C ESC
- Radio required: 3-4 Channels, 3 Micro Servos (i.e. Hitec HS-55's)

Learn more about it by going:

East R/C 48 Inch "SLEDG" kit

East R/C 48 Inch "SLEDG" - Our brand new SLEDG is sure to turn head at the field. There aren't many foamies this big and there aren't many foamies that can fly this good! The huge wing area makes it a floater and the gigantic control surfaces give it the cutting edge to pull out all of the 3D maneuvers in the slow motion or at a rockin' pace. This foamy is packed with the best hardware available today and is an excellent choice for a pilot looking to learn 3D. It's ability to fly extremely slow gives you plenty of time to react. Get more info and WATCH THE VIDEO at the East R/C SLEDG section by going:


LUCKY 13 - ERC's Lucky 13 was designed and tested over a 5 year span to be one of the best flying sport models available today! It keeps going where other sport models drop off. Not only does it handle like a trainer, but it can really perform. Knife edge, spins, hammerheads, stall turns, loops, flat turns, flat spins, wild knife edge spins, inverted flight, snaps, lomcevaks and more are all part of the Lucky 13's vocabulary. A .61 is perfect for unlimited vertical on this very capable model. The large wing area and light wing loading make this airplane a breeze to land.

It's 64" span, 2-piece wing make transporting the Lucky 13 a snap and will fit in almost any compact car. DuBro control horns, metal clevises, 1 piece aluminum landing gear, fiberglass wheel pants and cowling and "Pull-Pull" Rudder gear are all included features that set the Lucky 13 apart from the rest. Huge hatch for tank or flight battery installation! Comes with everything you need for a glow setup and is designed from the ground up to be electrified with ease. The hatch is held on by pind sin the front and the strongest magnets we could find in the mid and rear section of the hatch. This hatch WILL NOT come off during flight. As a matter of fact, be careful putting the hatch back on....these magnets are REALLLLY strong!

Dealers Invited

Several Combo Options Available below!

- Wingspan: 64 in (1132 mm)
- Length: 52 in (1118 mm)
- Wing Area: 768 sq. in
- Flying weight: 5-6 lbs
- Engine Required: .55-.90 2c, .52-90 4c (not included)
- Radio required: 4 Channels, 5 std servos

Learn more about this awesome ARF at:

BSR - Black Streak Remover

BSR - Black Streak Remover - Once again, East R/C partnered with AmTex, makers of many cleaning products for Scootworks (our parent company), to market their new Black Streak Remover recently designed and patented for the RV industry. Many of us have trailers for our airplanes, and constantly battle with those darned black streaks that appear after every rainfall or heavy dew. We've tried every cleaner in the book, some being very harsh and requiring heavy gloves and lots of water, others requiring loads of physical effort to only yield average results. This cleaner is the answer to all of our dreams... ERC's BSR requires little effort, is safe and easy to use, and reveals the beautiful trailer you have hidden beneath all of those stains! The 1qt. bottle cleaned the 6 year old 6'x10' trailer in photo #4 below, and had about 1/2 bottle left. Checkout a test trailer in picture #3, the front corner was simply wiped over with ERC's BSR!

Learn more about this at:

UAC - Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner

UAC - Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner - East R/C partnered with AmTex, makers of many cleaning products for Scootworks (our parent company), to develop the Ultimate Aircraft Cleaner. We wanted something that would be gentle on painted and fabric surfaces, yet strong enough to cut the goo left from glow fuels and soot / exhaust residue from gas engines. We also needed something that wouldn't attack plastics and film coverings, and would be perfect for the finishes used on many wooden props and other parts. UAC is the final result of the AmTex chemists design, and our field testing with the local pilots. Give this a try, we think you'll agree that it _IS_ the Ulimate Aircraft Cleaner!

# Biodegradable!
# Safe for Plastics, Fiberglass, shrink films.
# Safe on painted and fabric surfaces.
# Safe on natural wood finishes.
# Cuts Glow Fuel Lubricants & Gass Engine Fuel Residue
# Economical!

Learn more about this at: